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Clayton Eshleman

paperback, 86 pgs, ISBN:0-935931-83-1

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Clayton Eshleman's "Erratics,” is an intricate alchemy of works distilled from various epoch, locations and states of mind, and forged into a single luminous and evolving body. This "constellation" of 82 short poems, prose poems, aphorisms, explorations of literature, politics and history, dreams and thoughts manifest an "image" of what concerns the author about "life at large." Created in different realms and purposefully arranged by chance, this "erratic company" carries the signature of Eshleman's experience, instinct, knowledge and constant curiosity. From its found place in the whole, each piece ripples and replies to the others through origin and transplantation to allow some light into the hollows and crevices without unmasking the mystery.

Clayton Eshleman's work has been published in twelve volumes by Black Sparrow Press since 1968. Between 1967 and the present, Eshleman founded and edited Caterpillar and Sulfur, two of the most seminal and highly-regarded literary magazines of the period. He has been a full-time translator since the 1960’s and is the main translator of César Vallejo (with José Rubia Barcia) and of Aimé Césaire (with Annette Smith). Among other recognitions,  Eshleman received the National Book Award in 1979 for his co-translation of Vallejo, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and several research fellowships from Eastern Michigan University, where he has been an English Professor since 1986.

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