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The Monkey in his Body; 
the highest paid gun in America
Richard Rizzi

 An unholy romp through a destroyed American landscape with the poet and his companion picking up the pieces of a 20th century twisted satori in a pork pie hat.   
Copy Price $ 5.00

The Sailor Poems
Susan G. McKechnie

A taut & razor sharp metaphysical journey on the seven seas told through the eyes of a mute sailor whose vision of the human condition is merciless, beautiful & impeccably hewn from language.
Copy Price $5.00

The Picture Show
Simone E. Felice

Felice is a cyber-Rimbaud who marries Romantic Gothic sensibility to a darkly humorous & insidiously disturbing post-millennial sci-fi vision.   
Copy Price $5.00

*Chapbook prices include P&H.  Foreign orders please include $2.00 for P&H.

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