Editor's Note

Hunger (established in 1997) was originally started with the intentions of forming a voice & resource for the variety of original & experimental voices living in the Hudson Valley region---to establish a dialogue between this community & the world. I wanted to give something back to the place & people that nurtured me as a young poet & to provide an alternative publishing venue to the staid mainstream publications available in the area & beyond. The last years of trial & error finds the magazine coming closer to what I originally envisioned in quality & range: a legitimate & international venue for experimental writers to have a dialogue with one another whether well-known or unknown. The very difficult task of maintaining and running the magazine would be impossible without the assistance of Susan McKechnie (assistant editor) & Richard Rizzi (contributing editor/chief propagandist). Both are highly skilled poets & irreplaceable friends. Also, Mikhail Horowitz is an impeccable proofreader, occasional editor-at-large & has been extremely encouraging since inception & I thank him.
Hunger has no stylistic/school limitations but the editors do have a bent for forms of language-image experimentation with an edge. The magazine tries to avoid safe, conventional, unoriginal works that lack imagination, technical or intellectual vigor. We tend to shy away from the overly academic, the experimental without soul, Beat & Emily Dickinson impersonators, dead kitty elegies, vampire Buddhist poetry, "I'm not sure if I can write" poetry, & dull rhymers filled with platitudes. Please note that there is no opposition to formal poetry as long as it demonstrates an evolution or new approach to the antique forms. Please, no racist or misogynistic drool. Poems dealing directly with politics are welcomed as long as the poems remember that they are poems first & not editorials. Concisely, we attempt to publish the best cross-section of today's poetry that we can find. Many established authors grace our pages but the core of each issue is dedicated to new & unheralded writers. Although we do publish essays, translations, micro-fiction, reviews & interviews, poetry dominates each issue; this will not change. The website is meant to provide a small sample of what the magazine is about & to pique interest, it cannot not provide the full scope, so try to familiarize yourself with the journal before submitting in order to figure out whether it is the proper venue & outlet for your work. Thank you for your interest.

Hunger is a registered & award winning New York State Charity. Support the Arts.

About the editor/publisher:
J. J. Blickstein is a native New Yorker, poet, visual artist, & the editor/publisher of Hunger Magazine & Hunger Press. A chapbook, Visions of Salt & Water, is available from Bagatela Press (Juarez, Mexico/El Paso, TX, 2003). His book, Barefoot on a drawing of the Sun, published in 2005, is available from Fish Drum Inc. Press. He has appeared or is forthcoming in the following publications:


Van Gogh’s Ear (France), House Organ, Arson, Fire (UK), Skanky Possum, Milk, 5_Trope, The Louisiana Review, Dream International Quarterly, Sundog: A Southwestern Literary Review, Heavenbone, The Temple, Pitchfork, Rattle, Long Shot, Fish Drum, Shampoo, The Butcher’s Block, Polarity.com, Schuylkill Valley Journal of the Arts, For Immediate Release (www.poetz.com), Chronogram, Rant, & Hart.


Shamanic Warriors, Now Poets (R&R Publishing, Scotland, 2004),

Vespers: Religion & Spirituality Contemporary American Poetry (U. of Iowa Press, 2003), Dyed-in-the-wool (Wet Paint Publishing, 2001), American Diaspora: Poetry of Displacement (U. of Iowa Press, 2001), The Subterraneans (Poet’s Gallery Press, 1998), The Roundout Review (Cloud Mountain Press, 1991).

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