Dear Poet, I apologize for the long wait in responding to your work but, after nearly a decade, Hunger Magazine is defunct. Due to lack of financial support, printing debt, inconsistent volunteer staff assistance, & exhaustion, I find that I am no longer able to carry the load. Oddly enough I must call it quits in the midst of a deluge of many fine manuscripts (nearly ten a day) ó Thanks you for your interest. I thank all of you that have supported this venue as it would not have survived this long without your help. To our subscribers: you will be reimbursed for the issue due, & thank you. I hope that you have enjoyed what I have attempted to do with the magazine, successes & failures, & will continue to support other small press venues as they are vital to discovering & developing & disseminating the unique American voice throughout the world community. Keep the poem from becoming irrelevant as that is the trend. As for the editor, I will continue to write & will edit another journal again in the future. I give special thanks to our longtime staff: Susan G. McKechnie, Mikhail Horowitz, & Richard J. Rizzi, without you it would not have been worth it. Hungerís back issues are still available via the websiteómake checks payable to J. J. Blickstein.

J. J. Blickstein, editor/publisher


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